Josiah Enrique Fernandez

On May 18th, 2024 Josiah Enrique Fernandez left this world to join his friends, family and ancestors in the spiritual world.

Josiah was born on June 14, 1997. He is survived by parents Cynthia Ellenwood and Robert Fernandez, sister Elizabeth Fernandez Nana Nancy Fernandez and many, many friends and family members. He was proceeded by his grandfathers James Ellenwood Jr. and Robert Fernandez grandmother Anna Marie Jabeth and too many friends and family to list. Isaac and Joe Wilson and Manny Davis held a special place in his heart.

Although he was still trying to establish his own life ambitions, his smile, laugh and big heart touched so many. He not only had the heart of a lion, but the heart of a human being.

Services for Josiah will be held May 23rd at 11 AM at the Pi-Nee-Waus Community Center in Lapwai.
Processional from Malcom’s Brower-Wann Funeral Home at 9:30.
**9:45 Indian Nayy

Head cook Maave George

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