River Holt Earns 1st Place at Karate Invitational

September 30, 2023 – River Holt, age 8, was an impressive competitor at the 2023 Treasure Valley Karate Invitational in Eagle, Idaho. Not only did River earn 1st place in the Kumite Beginner Division, but this was also his first time ever competing.

Kumite is a discipline that puts a lot of importance on technique and skill, with strict rules enforced to ensure the safety of the athletes. To win in Kumite, an athlete must either reach an 8-point advantage within the 3-minute round or have the most points at the end of the bout. If there is a tie, the first athlete to have scored a point wins. If neither athlete scores a point, the judges determine the winner based on form.

The Treasure Valley Karate Invitational was comprised of teams from all over Idaho and Washington. In the quarter-finals, River won 2.5 to 1.5 over his opponent from Walla Walla, WA. In the semi-finals, he defeated his opponent from Richland, WA 3 to .5. And in the final round, River was tied 2.5 to 2.5 with his opponent. River made one last strike giving him the edge and the win.

River Holt (Nimiipuu) is a 2nd grader from Lapwai and is the son of James and Feather Holt. He trains with Arnett’s Martial Arts America in Lewiston, ID. Their team took home 5 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze medals from the tournament.

Congratulations River! Keep up the great work!

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