Nez Perce Tribe Community Navigator Program Honors Nez Perce Small Businesses

Clarkston, WA – In the heart of Nez Perce country, the Nez Perce Tribe Community Navigator Program recently hosted an unforgettable gathering of celebration and recognition at the Red Wolf Golf Club in Clarkston, Washington. This event exemplified the unwavering determination and thriving spirit of the Nez Perce small business community.

The evening was a tribute to the enduring spirit of Nez Perce entrepreneurship. Among the highlights were the special recognitions for two remarkable Nez Perce small business owners. Lorna Marsh, the creative force behind Marsh’s Trading Post, was celebrated for her incredible journey spanning over 45 years in business. Her story began in 1978 when she began businesses in Kamiah, Orofino and Lewiston. Her steadfast dedication to preserving Nez Perce culture and heritage in the face of adversity serves as an inspiration to all.

Anthony Spencer, the tenacious entrepreneur behind Spencer’s Specialty Detailing, a Better Business Bureau (BBB) certified mobile detailing company, shared his inspiring journey of remarkable success in 2021. Despite being a kidney transplant recipient, Anthony has continued to operate his detailing business, showcasing extraordinary strength and determination.

“Commending the strength of Nez Perce small businesses is a journey that calls for unity, just as our ancestors have demonstrated over generations. We remain committed to guiding, supporting, and empowering our small businesses on their path to success, in a manner that ensures the legacy endures for future generations.” – Rachel Edwards, Nez Perce Tribe Executive Committee

The Community Navigator Program extends its deepest gratitude to the staff of Wisteqn’eemit, (Wiss-tack-nammit), the non-profit arm of the Nez Perce Tribe which is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, for supporting this successful event by volunteering the day of and at the evening event.

The crowning achievement of the evening is the Nez Perce Business Directory, a robust compilation that proudly honors 103 small businesses owned by Nez Perce citizens, descendants, and tribal businesses operating on the Nez Perce homelands. We invite all qualifying business owners and nonprofit organizations to join this diverse directory. By becoming a part of this directory, you gain access to a platform that celebrates the continued contributions of businesses in our local and regional economic landscape. This directory not only connects you with potential customers locally, across the nation, and internationally but also offers a unique opportunity to engage with fellow tribal businesses and entrepreneurs within a supportive and collaborative community.

To view or add your small business to the Nez Perce Business Directory navigate here:

For all media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Stacia Morfin

Nez Perce Tribe Community Navigator Director

Phone: (208) 848-6417


About Nez Perce Community Navigator Program

The Nez Perce Community Navigator Program, supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Community Navigator Pilot Program, is deeply committed to empowering small businesses within and around the Nez Perce reservation. Our mission is to facilitate Native business owners’ access to essential resources, nurture growth, and enhance the economic well-being of our community.

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